The Advanced Photo App
The user can zoom in or out prior to taking the photo while being able to focus on the subject(s) with the bright green focus square. The user can also go back and forth between photos without going to the gallery by using the arrow buttons at the top.  The green check and red x icons are to keep or discard the most recent image taken or by using the arrow keys to select which one to keep or discard.  Instead of a hamburger icon, I put in the settings icon to show the user other available settings as well as having access to a gallery for editing.  This version of the app gives users more ability to control what they want to do as opposed to just a point click camera.  Similar as you would with a DSLR camera vs. a point and shoot camera.
advanced photo app
novice photo app The Novice Photo App
I have an 11-year-old niece who loves to make memes on her tablet, I thought this would be super easy to use with the obvious point and shoot theme.  It has the ability to go back from the image with the arrow and the ability to save to a gallery which is located in the hamburger icon.  It would literally open up just like this as you would with your actual camera app used on a phone or tablet, the hamburger app would take you to a gallery where you could edit the photos taken or delete them at a later time.

An original site with dead links, non-responsive and a poor color pallet.
This is Shelia’s Photography Studio, I found this site while looking for local photographers for my wedding.
This mock-up I’ve created makes a better engaging, effective and simple design giving an all around more user-friendly site.