Photoshop is great! But are there alternatives?

So many ways to Design

I knew of Photoshop well before I ever started to get into web design let along with graphic design or photography. The first semester of my degree program is when I actually got my paws dirty. I found that not only did Adobe offer Photoshop but so many other types of editing software I couldn’t wait to learn more.

Over some time and many classes, I learned that Adobe Photoshop is the go-to for a lot of schools and there are countless free tutorials on PS but what else is there, are employers using other software?

So I did my research and found yes, there are, but as in the same case as code editors, daily tasking, etc, it all comes down to preference and what your end goal is.

From what I could find it seems that Affinity Photo is probably one of the top competitors to PS, in that it allows for PS files, is cheaper, but provides the same if not some better features. It is also compatible with Mac or Windows. I have only heard that Sketch is great, but the down-side is that it’s only compatible with Mac and I have Windows. I’ve wanted to check GIMP out just because it seems like it’s pretty simple to use and it’s compatible with Mac, Windows and, Linux.

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