Choosing the Right Code Editor

which code editor is best for me?

Ohhhh! There are so many code editors out there and reasons for all of them dependant on your work and what coding you are doing.

I remember starting out just using Notepad++ it was great because it was so simple and it was just barebones basic coding, and that’s really all I started doing. Basic HTML and CSS, nothing more was required, but when it got to real design, multiple files and learning other languages I need an editor that was going to do a little more for me.

Eventually, I had a class where Adobe Dreamweaver was required, it was great because it integrated the rest of adobe, had the ability to automatically build bootstrap into your code as well. Sometimes it was great sometimes not, it all depended on what I was trying to accomplish, the templates were great for trying to put something together quickly and especially for those beginners still learning the language, but as time went on I needed something that had a little more ‘umph’. That’s about when I had a few classes where they recommended or even required the use of Visual Studio Code, which is my go-to editor for sure!. Now as far as a price the better the editor the cost usually goes up and in my case other than the Adobe CC Suite which I pay monthly at a student rate, I’ve been able to get the free stuff through school. So I can not definitively say the cost on all of these for those just looking but I have provided their links if you are interested in others.

Here are some other code editors that I have found with there links attached. In no particular order:

I really don’t believe there is a “right” code editor it depends on your needs, just like any other job, it’s all dependent on the end goal and what your preferences are.

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