Finding the time . . .

0355 hours . . . the alarm goes off, I hear it and push the home button, 2 more alarms and I begrudgingly peel the blanket away and leave the warm spot on my oh so comfortable bed while my wife still lay there sleeping peacefully.

My day has started and I push auto-pilot as I get ready for my work day. I drive an hour and 10 minutes away to a job that has become just a paycheck. Finally, 1430 hits and I’m walking a very fast pace out of the hangar bay full of million dollar warfighting jets. I begin the hour and 10-minute ride home, but first I stop to get gas, again (74 miles one way on a 22-gallon truck). I can’t wait to get home to begin working toward the career I really want.

I get home and tend to my pups and watch them as they romp around in excitement because Mom is finally home and all I can think about is how much time do I have till I really absolutely need to go to bed? Since I have started this journey it seems this is the theme through the weekdays. The weekends seem much worse because now I’m juggling the household, the pups and the wife I don’t get to see through the week.

I keep telling myself, it will all be worth it and that I’ve come so far and I’m almost there. But am I? Really? I’ve committed myself to this degree program and still feel like I haven’t learned the things I need to land that first job. So naturally, I sign up for Udemy courses to see if I can get more out of those than my current coursework. You know the typical on to the next assignment progression of a degree driven coding/design program. So of course trying to get assignments done, respond to discussion boards and taking quizzes leaves me little time if any to actually sit through a Udemy course to attempt to learn by another method.

Nearing the end of my program and desperately wanting to get my foot in the door, I think well I need my own projects. But what projects? Of course, it’s easy to think up some projects that I may take an interest in but what direction do I go? Do I do a lot of front-end coding? Do I create mock-ups and concepts? Do I edit and create images of my own? Heck, do I show my ability to make a site functional with Javascript, Python or Angular? At this point, I’ve dabbled in a lot but have yet to become comfortable with one or two skill sets let alone proficient.

I’m not nieve to the reality of what employers are looking for. I have the soft skill no doubt, the hard skill I’m still working on, but finding a way to show them will be paramount because I do have limited avenues. So not only is creating a couple of stellar projects on the side on my to-do list but it’s also sorting out my schedule in order to create blocks of time to get them done.

I have recently started using Trello to keep track of different aspects of my life, but I also set reminders to go off on my Google Calendar to help me stay on track with life (school assignments mostly). Let’s hope I can find a good balance and a schedule that works for me best, as of right now finding the time. . . is just going to a matter of making the time.

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