Simplicity in Design

After having made the decision to follow web design as the next career move I was faced with not only the history of it but what’s next.

I literally gained an interest in the winter of 2017 and since then have been trying my best to keep up on what’s trending and what makes a great site.  Not only have I looked at the visual aspect of what pleases the eye and keeps the viewer happy but what makes for a great interface.

I have found that simplicity can make or break the design of a site or app.  Once the viewer/customer must think too long about what they are trying to accomplish they are on to the next site.

“We’re in a post flat design world, and it looks like web design takes a more experimental approach than we’ve seen in years past.”


I read up on what’s new in 2019, and really it shouldn’t be too much different than that of 2018.  The idea is to keep it simple.  Grids and asymmetrical layouts are one of the biggest things trending now.  Between the absence of color, making images pop, bold headers with ‘attention-getting’ font, and utilizing white space appropriately makes for clean and user-friendly designs.

The point is that even though there will be some new things to come with different elements in web design, I believe the number one thing to keep in mind is keeping it simple.


(Check out what’s next written by Amber Leigh Turner in her article ‘10 exciting web design trends you can’t hide from in 2019‘.)



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